Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cornwall Film Festival II

Yesterday I saw Kernal play in the Made in Kernow catagory at the festival but I was pretty busy doing other things so I didn't get to see any other films. Love Hate should be playing today.

Had a bit of a chat about cameras and stuff with one of the guys from Dog Bite yesterday, who are a film company from Cornwall. They had some gear on display ranging from a modular Red camera to a Go Pro mounted on an arm and IT WAS ALL PRETTY COOL.

Here are some pictures of volunteers, there were a lot of us yesterday (Probably more volunteers than festival guests for half of the day) which lead to a lot of standing around and feeling like I was in somebody's way all the time.

Just by chance, almost all of us are students from University College Falmouth (Except Alice and myself, who are graduates)

Oh and here's a close up my wicked-cool crew shirt. That's all for nowwww.

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