Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Life drawing (image heavy)

I've just finished a 10 week life drawing course with Truro college, which of course means I've done a lot of drawings, so, in no particular order, here they are:

Thursday, 29 November 2012


It's late so I won't be wordy, this is something from a personal project. Just a mesh, no textures or anything yet. Possible weapon set Skyrim mod in the future. But for now, one dragon headed axehead. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I wonder if p3d will embed on blogger...

IT WILL. but only if you mistreat it, the 3d viewer vanishes if you go from 'HTML' view to 'Compose' and then publish. oh, for anyone who doesn't know what they're looking at, left click and drag on the image, it will turn :) Unless you're viewing on a Mac, in which case you wont see anything. Sorry.


I remember there being a bunch of films I saw at the festival that wanted to talk about here, but I was too tired or excited at the time, and now the moment's kind of passed, but you can find out more about what went down at the festival website. I DO remember particularly enjoying Dark Nights and Address Is Approximate, which is convenient because they are both category winners. And on Vimeo. Moving on...


So a little while back I designed a logo for a company a bunch of my friends set up called Noble Muffins and they make all kinds of cool stuff. Games and Unity plugins mainly.

Here is an illustration I made for their plugin Turbo Slicer, which allows you to slice polygon meshes in real time using the Unity engine.
You can find the plugin for sale at it's page on the Unity Asset Store.
And you can see it in action in your browser here

I'm currently working on some illustrations for other unannounced Noble Muffins projects which are secret squirrel grade top secret so shh! but I'm gonna show you some WIPs anyway because I'm a renegade who doesn't follow the rules. Oh alright, it's actually because there's no NDA and the illustrations are contextless on their own.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cornwall Film Festival IV

Got up at 7. Bit confused about the whole thing.
So I mentioned seeing a bunch of shorts yesterday, BUT FORGET ABOUT THAT BECAAAAUSE...

Love Hate won the Made In Kernow category!

Massive congratulations to Alice! It's pretty cool to have worked on an award winning short.

I guess I'll get around to talking about films I liked in another post, but for now, this is far too super exciting to think about anything else.

Cornwall Film Festival III

I managed to see a few films today! Well, yesterday, as it's gone midnight at the point of my writing this, Which reminds me, if you're out taking part in a remembrance day parade, I hope you manage to stay dry. As a former Air Cadet I've done my share of marching through town to observe the two minutes silence in the cold and wet, so you have my sympathy.

Right, back to the films!

Most notably Mumbai Charlie, which is a 30 minute short film directed by Deepak Verma.
During the Q&A he explained how the film is based on the real life story of a man who took on the role of Charlie Chaplin to bring laughter back to a community in Adipur in the wake of a terrible earthquake in 2001. The film follows a businessman who is diagnosed as having lost his inner moustache by 'the doctor' who appears to be the leader of a group of Chaplin enthusiasts.
Deepak Verma, a pretty cool guy   
Later on I asked if it was intentional that his film was being screened during 'Movember' when the Chaplin moustache played such an important role in his film, apparently it was a happy coincidence, but he showed significant anguish that I didn't ask during the Q&A, because he would have liked to talk more on the theme then!

I saw a whole bunch of animated shorts aswell, but it's getting late, I have to be up early in the morning and the batteries in my wireless keyboard are running down, so I'll leave you with a picture of some fellow animators I bumped into at the festival today!


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cornwall Film Festival II

Yesterday I saw Kernal play in the Made in Kernow catagory at the festival but I was pretty busy doing other things so I didn't get to see any other films. Love Hate should be playing today.

Had a bit of a chat about cameras and stuff with one of the guys from Dog Bite yesterday, who are a film company from Cornwall. They had some gear on display ranging from a modular Red camera to a Go Pro mounted on an arm and IT WAS ALL PRETTY COOL.

Here are some pictures of volunteers, there were a lot of us yesterday (Probably more volunteers than festival guests for half of the day) which lead to a lot of standing around and feeling like I was in somebody's way all the time.

Just by chance, almost all of us are students from University College Falmouth (Except Alice and myself, who are graduates)

Oh and here's a close up my wicked-cool crew shirt. That's all for nowwww.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Cornwall Film Festival

Yesterday was my first day of volunteering at the Cornwall Film Festival where two animated shorts I worked on are screening. Kernel, written and directed by Olly Skillman-Wilson and Love Hate by Alice Nightingale who is also volunteering at the CFF. Mostly we were setting up yesterday, today the actual festival starts so it should be a lot busier.

 I don't have many photos for the festival yet, but this is an amusingly broken Skyfall display at the Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay where the festival is hosted. without the gun it looks like Bond is sliding along the ground sending a text message.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Who am I?

My name is Nigel Kitts; I recently received my BA (Hons) in Digital Animation from Falmouth College University.

I specialised in 3D modelling at university, but I've got a pretty extensive background of traditional art (Well, as extensive an art background as you can have at the age of 23) so I've labelled myself a "Digital Artist" rather than a modeller or animator, and I'm currently seeing how far that will get me.

I've got a lot of other interests including - videogames, music, cake... you know all the regular nerd stuff. But since this isn't MySpace (Remember MySpace?), I guess I'll leave all the other stuff out until I've got something to actually say about it.

Oh and my star sign is hahaha, just kidding!
That's about all for now!

Nightgear logo

The online retailer Nightgear recently (August, I think) held a competition on their Facebook page to design a sewn patch they could use to promote themselves, and to my surprise, they picked mine! Well not really to my surprise, because I'm obviously so great at everything, but I'm trying to be humble here, give me a break. Jeez.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share some of my thought processes and philosophy on the design.

My original design

Animals give a design more personality than something abstract, and many animals represent certain things to people. That's why a lot of institutions choose an animal as a mascot. Since the company uses a military theme for their business and this was a competition to design a military style patch it seemed like a good idea to run with.

"But Nigel, why did you pick an owl when other animals like eagles and wolves are so much cooler?" said nobody.

"Shut up, owls are way cooler than those slacker animals!" I replied.

For a start, Nightgear is a UK retailer so I thought it would be fitting to choose an animal that's part of the British ecosystem. Yes we do have eagles, but the eagle is a symbol of imperial conquest and you don't necessarily want that subliminal connotation attached to your company and I think the last time we had wolves in Britain we were still writing in Celtic runes. Besides all that, owls are symbolic of wisdom, so using one as your image says "Hey, check it out, we know what we're doing."
I tried out a few other animals but they gave results that were dangerously similar to the Bat symbol or the Foxhound logo.

If you're wondering why the owl is carrying a tonfa or 'night stick' it's because I wanted make the image a bit more interesting while representing something related to the company's market.
As far as I know, Nightgear doesn't actually sell any kind of weapons, so there's a slight innacuracy there, but it does look a bit like a branch, or something an owl could actually land on, pick up and carry, and it's similar enough to police equipment to be on-theme.

I'm currently working on a version with a bit more detail, which would be better suited to web or print, since this one is designed with stitching in mind.

update: so it turns out we wolves in Britain way longer than I thought, and the particular owl I based the image on isn't native to the islands... but lets keep that between us, who's gonna know, eh? :)