Thursday, 22 November 2012


I remember there being a bunch of films I saw at the festival that wanted to talk about here, but I was too tired or excited at the time, and now the moment's kind of passed, but you can find out more about what went down at the festival website. I DO remember particularly enjoying Dark Nights and Address Is Approximate, which is convenient because they are both category winners. And on Vimeo. Moving on...


So a little while back I designed a logo for a company a bunch of my friends set up called Noble Muffins and they make all kinds of cool stuff. Games and Unity plugins mainly.

Here is an illustration I made for their plugin Turbo Slicer, which allows you to slice polygon meshes in real time using the Unity engine.
You can find the plugin for sale at it's page on the Unity Asset Store.
And you can see it in action in your browser here

I'm currently working on some illustrations for other unannounced Noble Muffins projects which are secret squirrel grade top secret so shh! but I'm gonna show you some WIPs anyway because I'm a renegade who doesn't follow the rules. Oh alright, it's actually because there's no NDA and the illustrations are contextless on their own.

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