Monday, 22 October 2012

Who am I?

My name is Nigel Kitts; I recently received my BA (Hons) in Digital Animation from Falmouth College University.

I specialised in 3D modelling at university, but I've got a pretty extensive background of traditional art (Well, as extensive an art background as you can have at the age of 23) so I've labelled myself a "Digital Artist" rather than a modeller or animator, and I'm currently seeing how far that will get me.

I've got a lot of other interests including - videogames, music, cake... you know all the regular nerd stuff. But since this isn't MySpace (Remember MySpace?), I guess I'll leave all the other stuff out until I've got something to actually say about it.

Oh and my star sign is hahaha, just kidding!
That's about all for now!

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